Innovators of advanced refrigeration technologies and stainless steel vats

Count on DTS to deliver a bespoke and all-encompassing stainless-steel tank solution that is tailored to your unique specifications.

Milk Vats made in New Zealand for Kiwi Farmers

Our milk vats are made from food-grade stainless steel. They come with a laser-welded base and side-wall refrigeration.

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Wine Tanks crafted with precision, care and expertise

Our wine tanks have custom cooling pad designs that are tailored to fit your requirements. Our workshop is equipped to fabricate tanks up to 250,000L

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Fuel Tanks

NZ Made from premium stainless steel. Unmatched corrosion-resistant qualities that surpass aluminium or mild steel.

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We take pride in owning and operating New Zealand’s sole flatbed laser welder, making us the exclusive tank manufacturer capable of engineering customised dimple pad designs.

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At DTS, we recognise the distinct needs of each customer and work in close collaboration with you to ensure the delivery of a dependable and customised design, fabrication, and installation service.

Our Normanby plant is a specialised non-ferrous facility that manufactures using top-grade 304, 316, and 2205 Duplex materials to ensure that our tanks are of exceptional quality.

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We specialise in creating laser-welded dimple plates, tailored to fit your requirements.

We can help you achieve substantial gains in cooling efficiency while simultaneously reducing your cooling expenses.

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related dimple pads


Between then, our highly qualified team have 180+ years of experience in making food-grade tanks and 350+ years of engineering experience. 


In line with our commitment to efficiency, we adopt lean manufacturing principles. We wholeheartedly embrace these principles, aiming to deliver heightened value to our customers by optimising resource utilisation.

Our steadfast dedication lies in minimising waste and consistently enhancing our processes. This allows us to provide exceptional value, quality, and efficiency while making the most of our available resources.

We believe all aspects of tank design should minimise waste and maximise profit, not just during the manufacturing of the tank, but for the lifetime of the tank and its production. 

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Get an expert professional opinion on our work.

DTS can offer independent third-party producer statements, design verification, pressure equipment inspection, stationary container certification, and testing for statutory pressure equipment or code requirements for quality assurance. 



Our production line can be scaled up to produce over 1000 tanks a year. 

We can supply standard “off the rack designs” for tanks up to 200,000, or we can custom design tanks to suit your needs.


DTS tank designs meet and exceed all relevant codes, standards, and statutory and regulative requirements. 

If you have any specific needs or requirements, please inform us. We constantly strive to continuously improve and optimise our designs. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to exceeding expectations. 

AS1692-2006 Steel tanks for flammable and combustible liquids 

AS/NZ 1170-2002 Structural and seismic design standard 

NZSEE New Zealand Earthquake Engineering Society guidelines 

AS/NZ 1554 Structural steel welding 

AS/NZ 1657 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Design, construction and installation 

AS1210-2010 Pressure vessels 

ASME IX Boiler and pressure vessel welding 

ASME VII Design, fabrication, testing, inspection, and certification of both fired and unfired pressure vessels 

FAB0089 Approved WorkSafe fabricator 

We make:

  • Pharmaceutical pressure vessels 
  • Farm holding tanks 
  • Wine tanks 
  • Food and beverage tanks 
  • Hazardous chemical tanks 
  • Process and stationary containers 
  • Steam boiler feed water tanks 
  • Fuel tanks 

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