AUTO DRAFTER: Automatic drafting gates for rotary or herringbone sheds

With no internet connection required at the shed, and integration with leading cow-wearable technology, our drafting gates are the ultimate solution for streamlined and efficient dairy operations.

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Harness the value of every cow in the herd

Simple, cost-effective, build-as-you-go drafting.

Auto Drafter uses modular hardware with an all-in-one software solution to give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions about how best to manage your herd and increase productivity.  

DTS Autodrafter

Powerful integration, low price tag, gentle on cows.

DTS Auto Drafter integrates with most leading cow wearables and herd management solutions. Save time and prioritise safety with accurate and efficient automation.

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DTS Auto Drafter integrates seamlessly with Tru-Test Active Tag. Now you can focus on other tasks while DTS and Tru-Test do the monitoring, giving you more freedom.

Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency or simply need another set of eyes on the farm, Tru-Test Active Tag is the solution built with you in mind.

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Manual Drafting

Draft cows by sight without leaving the pit.

Perfect for single operators, the drafting gate is controlled by the in-shed directional controller and is an ideal entry point to automation.

Speed up cow flow
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Set and manage automatic drafting and record calvings wherever you are on the farm.

With Herd-Man, you can collect, view, analyse and share valuable information for your farming operation. Manage your dairy herd or individual animal performance. Clear data and insights will help you make better-informed decisions. 

Set drafts from anywhere
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Monitor individual cow weight trends for health and feed management.

Walk Over Weighing records weights as cows move through the exit race after every milking. Allowing you to keep a close eye on individual cow condition for drying off and mating and make fact-based decisions around feed.

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Manage bulk milk somatic cell count and monitor individual cow yield trends.

Sensors installed on each bail will help you to monitor individual cow mastitis risks and production yield as well as keep an eye on the milking plant and clean-in-place performance.


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The DTS In-Bail Identification system offers automatic real-time individual cow alerts and information during milking.  

With In-bail Identification individual cow information is literally at your fingertips so you can action on-the-spot animal management decisions. 

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