With a DTS stainless steel fuel tank, you can be sure of a long-life product backed by a 15-year warranty.

Get yours today for  $4,585 +gst.


  • Gravity fuel-fed, no pump is needed. 
  • These tanks are built to last, constructed in 304 stainless steel.  
  • Water block filter supplied as standard.  
  • Powder-coated filter housing for additional corrosion resistance.  
  • 4.0m long Macnaught hose with easy to use, colour coded, high-flow swivel nozzles. 
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We've got your cooling needs covered

clear cut water chiller small

Whether you’re dealing with MPI regulations, increasing volumes, power constraints or water restrictions, our experienced team of cooling experts will only recommend products and services that you actually need. 

If you are a Fonterra Supplier there's no additional cost to have the most accurate MVMS technology in your vat. DTS Vat-Man is proven to have highly accurate volume readings, so you won’t get any surprises on your tanker docket.

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