We hope calving went well on your farm. Now it is time for the next big event in the dairy calendar. Are you ready for mating?
At DTS, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient operation during mating and we are here to help.

If you have a new Auto Drafter, new cows in the shed, or new cow collars, we recommend you perform a few practical steps to ensure everything and everyone is prepared before the planned start of mating.

We want to ensure you have a successful and stress-free mating season, and our team is ready to support you in any way we can. Thank you for choosing DTS as your drafting gate provider. 

IS YOUR integration turned on?

For those with collar integration, it is a good idea to turn this on a few weeks before mating to check it is set up correctly and working as intended.

If you have a screen and keypad you can turn your existing integration on from the 'Heat Draft Settings' menu accessed from the SYS key, otherwise, give our tech support a call and we’ll arrange this for you.

Getting a head start with your technology also means you have time to contact DTS or your collar provider for appropriate and timely help. 

Get new cows ready for drafting

Are your new additions accustomed to your drafting gate?

Introducing new cows to the drafting process beforehand can make a significant difference during mating. We recommend having a few practice runs with cows that have not been drafted before. This will ensure smooth cow flow through the gate at mating.

Let us know if you have gate performance issues

We are committed to providing the best support possible to ensure mating goes smoothly.

Are you satisfied with your gate's performance? Do you have any niggling issues or concerns that need addressing? We're here to help.

Call us if you need technical support or over-the-phone training.

Call us today, we're here to help

Stay on top of your farm refrigeration and precooling

During the busy mating period, many farms also reach peak milk.

Typically peak milk is one of the times when your refrigeration is working its hardest. Our team of experienced farm refrigeration technicians are available to assist with milk cooling and milk quality issues.

If you have any concerns about your milk cooling, our team is available for a no-obligation refrigeration assessment. 

We offer a 24/7 support service for refrigeration breakdowns.