Conference Venue: TSB Hub

Camberwell Road, Hawera, Taranaki

9:00am - 4:00pm 

Join us in this remarkable opportunity to learn from a Japanese Toyota factory Manager, Sensei and Kaizen Leader.

Akinori Hyodo from Toyota’s HiAce manufacturing plant will lead a two-day Masterclass in Lean Thinking on August 31st and September 1st in Taranaki.

From his base in Japan Sensei will lead this event remotely, owing to Covid-19 restrictions, and is looking forward to leading you through his teaching, discussions and workshop sessions. This two-day Masterclass will provide insights and examples used directly within Toyota and include a site visit to Dairy Technology Services’ manufacturing plant in Normanby.

This event is hosted by Simply Lean Business Solutions in association with our Australian partner, Shinka Management.


DAY 1:

  • TPS Principles
  • Developing human assets
  • Role of top management
  • Factory visit and diagnosis

DAY 2:

  • Factory visit review
  • 5S and visual management
  • Standardised work creation
  • Continuous Improvement culture

The Masterclass will also include an overview of the operations at the Toyota HiAce Factory in Japan, as well as an afternoon tour and mini diagnosis at the DTS facility in Normanby.



This Masterclass has been developed for Managers and leaders in Operations, Production, Continuous Improvement, or Quality, who are interested in fostering a culture of Continuous Improvement within their organisation. 

Learn first-hand how process improvement is achieved within Japan’s leading companies, and more importantly, how to begin to implement or advance these practices within your organisation.



To register your interest in this event you must visit Simply Lean Events and complete the Registration Form. Spaces are limited and Simply Lean Business Solutions Limited, Shinka Management and DTS reserve the right to decline registrations owing to conflicts of interest. 

Confirmation of your registration will be by return email.


Lean Masterclass


Hyodo Sensei is a long-time Toyota Production System Leader, former Factory Manager and Kaizen Leader. 

Having retired as Factory Manager, he now heads the Kaizen Training arm of that same Toyota factory providing Lean training courses for companies in Toyota’s supply chain, and in addition hosts the training component of our annual Lean Japan Tour.

  • Factory Manager Toyota Parts Factory.
  • Factory Manager at Toyota Assembly Plant.
  • 13 years member and leader of All-Toyota Kaizen Promotion Team.
  • 27 years leading TPS Development within the No.1 ranked Toyota factory for Quality.
  • Consulted globally with wide range of non-automotive companies.