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Take advantage of these unbeatable deals! Enjoy savings of up to 20% on a range of selected products, including:

  • 10% Off Drafting Gates
  • Up to 20% Auto Drafter In-Shed Screens
  • 10-15% Off Ice Banks
  • 10% Off Water and Glycol Chillers
  • Up to 5% Off Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks

Hurry, these exclusive offers are valid from February 1, 2024, to March 29, 2024. 

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10% off Ryker Refrigeration Units and Covers

High-quality dairy refrigeration units.

Invest wisely with a Ryker refrigeration unit. Reliable milk cooling systems, to give you confidence that your production meets quality standards.

  • Range of sizes from 4hp to 18hp (9.5–40 kW)
  • Hot water recovery can be fitted to all units, to recover heat from milking and redirect to preheat shed hot water
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10% off water PRECOOLING

Easily to install and maintain. 

DTS can configure a mix-and-match system to meet your farming needs. Designed for optimum system performance. All fittings and polyethylene pipes are included and delivered to your farm ready for installation, reducing time and cost (which DTS can take care of too).

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10% off glycol precooling

Rapidly reduce your milk temperature with glycol pre-cooling.

Glycol systems use a mixture of food-grade glycol and water for on-demand chilling at milking time. With a correctly sized refrigeration unit, the system can chill milk to 4°C before entering the vat.

10% - 15% OFF ICE BANKS

When space and power are limited, a DTS Ice Bank is a good solution.

The DTS Ice Bank solution works by building a mass of ice between milkings. Then during milking, water is circulated through the ice reducing the water temperature to near zero degrees.

The chilled water is passed through a double bank plate cooler to cool milk to approximately 4°C before reaching the vat.

Warmed water generated from the milking process is returned to the ice bank and cooled again. The DTS Ice Bank is delivered on-farm as a complete all-in-one unit ready for plumbing into your plate cooler.

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Save time and put safety first by accurately and automatically drafting cows as they exit the shed. 

Set and manage drafts from anywhere, even while you’re on holiday, with options for: 

  • In and around the shed using the mobile app.  
  • In the shed with the keypad and display or;  
  • Anywhere using Herd-Man or the Herd-Man app. 
  • Integrates with wearable technologies like Cow Manager, HerdInsights, Connecterra, Nedap and more to come.
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Up to 5% off stainless steel fuel tanks

Stainless steel fuel tanks have a good combination of corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance, making them superior to mild steel or alloy fuel tanks.

Our fuel tanks are a wise investment with a projected lifespan exceeding 25 years. Once you invest in a DTS fuel tank, you can enjoy reliable and worry-free fuel storage for the long term. 

Available in 700 Litres, 900 Litres, 1150 Litres, 1400 Litres and 1950 Litres.

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