Save time and put safety first by accurately automatically drafting cows as they exit the shed. 

Set and manage drafts from anywhere, even while you’re on holiday with options for: 

  • In and around the shed using the mobile app  
  • In the shed with the keypad and display or  
  • Anywhere using Herd-Man or the Herd-Man app 


  • Works with both HDX and FDX ear tags – no need to re-tag your herd when you first install a DTS Autodrafter. 
  • Draft unknown cows – the easy way to find those cows with missing or defective ear tags 
  • The Autodrafter comes with a cellular modem so no internet connection to the shed is required. 
  • Remembers previous drafts to easily identify cows for follow up treatments. 
  • Fully integrated with Herd-Man dairy herd management software and other third-party products (see below). 
  • Optional: In-shed display and keypad to action on-the-spot animal management decisions. 


  • Pneumatic galvanized steel drafting gate 
  • Smartphone app available from Google Play or App Store  
  • Draft Gate Controller 
  • Race EID Reader and Antenna protected by a slim-line galvanized steel reader shield 
  • Command unit which connects in-shed actions with Herd-Man Dairy Herd Management Software  
  • Herd-Man Dairy Herd Management Software 
  • Optional: In-shed display and keypad

Integration partners

Autodrafter integrates with the following companies:

  • CowManager  
  • Allflex Heattime 
  • MINDA LIVE - manual integration
  • Connecterra
  • COMING SOON: CRV Ambreed myHerd 

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Rotary or herringbone


Phone 0800 500 387 or click here to find your local On-Farm Support Representative.

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