Introducing Adam Shirley, our Service and Contracts Manager

Chokka with experience, Adam has been working in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for 19 years. With an added bonus of nearly four years of experience as an engineer in the gas generation sector.  

 We asked Adam a few questions so you can get to know him a bit better.

Tell us about yourself?

"The industrial sector is my favourite place to work, the challenges and variation keep me fresh and progressive.

I think this is important to keep your skills relevant and to “stay with the times”, as the trade constantly evolves. 

Working as a refrigeration engineer, I've been lucky enough to travel right across New Zealand, maintaining, servicing & installing assets and working with many other tradespeople.

Outside of work, I am a husband and a father. I like a good chat, I enjoy meeting people and spending time in the shed."

What do you like about the refrigeration industry?

"The refrigeration industry can be very specialised and offers careers in many sectors such as food production, cold storage, the wine industry, hospitals, and hospitality to name a few. 

It's an important industry to be part of, as it contributes to many other industries that enable our country to function." 

What are your predictions for the movement/growth of the refrigeration industry?

"The refrigeration industry has to remain innovative in many ways. With the climate change movement and the costs of materials and refrigerants increasing, efficiency and effectiveness are essential for businesses to survive.  

The movement toward natural gases with low GWP is important and it’s exciting that the large companies are constantly developing options. 

I believe the industry is strong but would benefit by being regulated to take it to another level."