Kiwi ingenuity + DTS expertise = a sensational outcome!

Meeting MPI’s specified milk cooling standards required some Kiwi ingenuity and some DTS refrigeration expertise, for a result that saved thousands of dollars. 

Riverview Farm owner, Blair Castles, started getting alerts from Fonterra that his milk was going into his vat too warm. Blair had recently increased his herd size from 310 to 360 and his current refrigeration system wasn’t coping with the extra volume of milk.

“At the time I couldn’t afford an ice bank at $30K,” explains Blair. “I was getting graded with every pickup and it was getting stressful.”

Blair had a concept to solve the problem, so he called up his go to refrigeration advisor, DTS Lower North Island Area Sales Manager, Aaron Evans, to run the idea past him. As a refrigeration engineer with more than 20 years’ experience, Aaron came out and assessed the situation.

“I had a concept of a 4000-litre colostrum vat that was no longer needed and using it as a water chiller unit. With Aaron’s help, we plumbed up the colostrum vat to a chiller unit, added a few more plates to that, added a circulation pump, and also put a DTS polar wrap on the vat to keep it even cooler and save power,” says Blair. 

“It worked sensationally. Aaron did a great job – his service was outstanding - and it all cost a few thousand dollars instead of $30K for an ice bank!”

With the colostrum vat needed next season, Blair can still use the colostrum vat for its intended purpose and switch back to water chilling when calving is over. Ultimately Blair will need to install a DTS ice bank, but for now, Blair has his milk at regulation temperature, and he can budget for the ice bank for next season.

blair castles