Q. What do you get when you cross the adaptive spirit of Westland Milk Products with the innovative drive of DTS?  

A. You get high quality, world-class milk. 

Westland Milk Products has partnered with DTS to replace obsolete on-farm assets including refrigeration equipment and a number of open-lidded milk vats. This commitment to quality ensures the Westland Milk Products’ supply chain will continue to meet global food safety standards, future-proofing the West Coast dairy industry.

Gavin Thwaites, DTS CEO says, "The dairy industry has acknowledged that open-lidded vats are a food safety concern and DTS is delighted to partner with Westland Milk Products on addressing this”.

"We understand why these open-lidded vats are a concern, as they are unable to be secured therefore provide an entry point for contaminants into the milk supply chain.”

All of Westland Milk Products’ open-lidded vats are being replaced by the DTS designed and manufactured vats that are fully compliant and industry proven.

Together DTS and Westland Milk Products are ensuring that West Coast farmers lead the dairy industry, by producing pure high quality milk .


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