DTS Autodrafter reduces stress for staff and provides a proactive solution to help manage the health of your animals, keeping you on track during a busy calving season and beyond.


1. Autodrafter will get your workflow sorted 

Whether you need to draft dry cows into the springer mob before the start of calving, draft first-time calvers, difficult calvers, colostrum cows, or manage the health of your herd, the DTS Autodrafter will simplify operations in and around the shed keeping workflow and cow flow streamlined.  


2. Manage Cow Health 

Mastitis is most likely to strike a cow two weeks either side of calving.

This means that the calving period is critical for determining the infection status of individual cows and the herd for the remainder of lactation.  

With Autodrafter you can set drafts for recently calved animals so you can check them over during this critical stage. 


3. Staff shortage? Autodrafter is an extra set of hands in the shed  

When compared to manual drafting, the Autodrafter eliminates the need for a whole labour unit to physically site and draft animals. The accuracy and reliability of the Autodrafter reduces disruption to routine and cow flow, and time is freed up for other important jobs on farm. 


4. Set drafts from anywhere  

Drafts can be set up from anywhere using the mobile App, in the shed on the keypad or at home on the office PC. You can have instant online access to a wide range of cow data that can be used to draft using any criteria desired.


5. Mating Success with Cow Manager

Timely and efficient breeding to maximise your fertility rate is one of the biggest challenges on farm. Accurate heat detection is key to this, so set yourself up for success with DTS Autodrafter and Cow Manager.

With the DTS Cow Manager integration, you can automatically draft your cycling cows and also get valuable insights into the health of individual cows and draft accordingly.

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